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Slipped Disc Treatment

A slipped disc can cause severe back pain and neck pain. It is known as a prolapsed or herniated disc which occurs when one of the discs that sit between the bones of the spine is damaged and presses on the nerves. JPRC is renowned for providing unique Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur. The symptoms of slipped disc are numbness, a tingling sensation, or weakness in other areas of the body.

If you have a slipped disc, it is extremely important to keep active. Initially moving may be difficult, but after resting for a couple of days you should start to move around. At JPRC, we take about four to six weeks to recover from a slipped disc with our Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur.

Best  clinic for Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur

Book an appointment with JPRC for best Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur. A slipped disc happens when the outer case of the disc splits, resulting in the gel inside bulging out of the disc. The damaged disc can put pressure on the whole spinal cord or on a single nerve root. This means a slipped disc can cause pain both in the area of the protruding disc and in the area of the body controlled by the nerve that the disc is pressing on.

It is not always clear what causes a disc to break down, although age is a common factor in many cases. As you get aged, your spinal discs start to lose their water content, making them less flexible and more likely to rupture.  JPRC is one-stop center for any kind of Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur.

Our Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur usually involves a combination of physical therapy, such as massage and exercise, and medication to relieve the pain. Surgery to release the compressed nerve and remove part of the disc may be considered in severe cases, or if the pain continues for longer than six weeks.

How to prevent Slipped Disc?

We not only provide best Slipped Disc Treatment in Jaipur, but also believe in ‘Prevention is better than cure’.Taking a few sensible precautions, such as leading a healthy lifestyle, can help prevent back pain and lower your risk of getting a slipped disc. You should:

  • Take regular exercise
  • Use a safe technique when lifting heavy objects
  • Always maintain a good posture when sitting and standing
  • Quit smoking if you smoke

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