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Radio-frequency ablation techniques

Application of cooled radiofrequency ablation in management of chronic joint pain

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a minimally invasive neurotomy technique that can provide sensory ablation in patients with chronic pain. Cooled RFA, however, can create larger lesions compared with traditional RFA. Size of lesions plays a more important role in neurotomy of articular nerves where neural anatomy is not as predictable. We review the literature present about cooled radiofrequency neurotomy of articular branches of joints in patients with chronic pain of sacroiliac, hip, or knee joints. Sacroiliac joint pain is a significant etiology of low-back pain whereas low-back pain can be experienced by up to a third of the population. Chronic hip and knee pain can result in huge healthcare expenses as well as disability. The patients with chronic hip and knee pain might not be good candidates for arthroplasty surgeries because of their other comorbidities. Moreover, they might have persistent pain postoperatively. We also explain the technique how effective way to deal with such chronic pain condition like avascular necrosis of hip joint pain.
We had good number of cases that were treated by dr sanjay Sharma, in patient where VAS score of pain was 9.
Reduction of pain score was dramatic response. We don’t advocate hip joint replacement, unless not an physical or cosmetic reason standing there.
Pain in joints is bigger challenge to be deal with meticulous way, primarilyit has to be treated by conservative management.

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